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    Skate With Santa

    We will have Public Skating on Sunday, Dec. 24th from noon-3pm.  Admission is $4 for kids 12 yrs old & under and $5 for over 12.  Skate rental is $3 if needed.  Santa will stop by with a treat so please join us!!

    FREE Christmas Day Public Skate

    Bring your family for a fun time skating on Monday, Dec. 25th - Christmas Day.  We are open from noon-3pm. Admission is FREE with a non-perishable food item.  Skate rental is $3 if needed.

    Office Hours

    Normal Hours:

    Mondays noon - 5pm
    Tuesdays noon - 5pm
    Wednesdays 9am - 5pm
    Thursdays 9am - 5pm
    Fridays  9am - 5pm
    Weekends - times vary

    17-18 Calendar Raffle Winners

    A check will be mailed to the address on the stub.

    Cristy M ticket #2316: Lakeside Pepsi Drawing
    Dec. 1st:  Erin L. #1862  $50
    Dec. 5th:  Ross S. #1250  $20
    Dec. 6th: Sue M. #2351  $20
    Dec. 7th: Terry S. #4298  $25
    Dec. 8th:  Oliver M. #3737  $100
    Dec. 12th: Amy W. #1004  $20
    Dec. 13th: Shawn S. #4460  $20
    Dec. 14th:  Marcus M.  #1089  $25
    Dec. 19th:
    Dec. 20th:
    Dec. 21st:
    Dec. 22nd:
    Dec. 26th:
    Dec. 27th:
    Dec. 28th:
    Dec. 29th: