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Hockey Camps

NEXT LEVEL Hockey Camps (Sheboygan, WI)

Basic Skills Program (2015-2017 birth years)
July 10-14 $325
The Basic Skills Program is for students 6 to 8 years old. The focus is on individual skill development within a fun environment. The skill emphasis is on skating and striding techniques including backward skating, agility, and turning. Puck control and shooting is also taught. Drill progression is slow and specific with continuous feedback. This program runs from 8:30-11:30 am M-F.


Essential Skills Program (2013-2015 birth years)
July 10-14  $425
The Essential Skills Program is for students between the ages of 8 and 10. The design of this program is to help students transition from the half-day Basic Skills Program to the rigorous, 30-hour per week Complete Training Program. This week will consist of 4 hours per day of on-ice hockey instruction, with the emphasis on skating and agility, as well as developing puck control. Drill progression will be at a steady pace with continuous instructor feedback. This program will run from 12:30 - 4:30 pm M-F.


Complete Training Program (2008 - 2013 birth years)
July 17-21 or July 24-28 • $595
The Complete Training Program is for students between the ages of 10 and 15. The focus of this program is advanced skill development within a disciplined environment. The major emphasis is on all aspects of skating and agility complemented by extensive puck control. This is a demanding week, which provides 30 hours of disciplined comprehensive hockey instruction, while providing a team building experience. Students in this program learn about leadership, commitment, work ethic, as well as the benefits of teamwork. The program runs from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm M-F. Lunch is provided.


High School Training Camp (2005 - 2009 birth years)
This program is just the training camp you need to tune your individual skills, sharpen your positional skills, and improve your game sense to prepare for the upcoming season. It is best suited to players interested in playing at a very competitive level of hockey and have a goal of becoming a varsity or junior player. This program will continue to develop individual skills, including skating technique and edgework, but will also focus on team play, in-game concepts, and position specific skills. Individual on-ice sessions will include team practices, position-specific sessions, power skating sessions, and daily scrimmages to help hone the team and positional skills taught throughout the week. Off-ice sessions will include team workouts and yoga. This is a very competitive week, which provides 30 hours of high-level hockey instruction. Students in this program learn about leadership, commitment, teamwork, and develop a better understanding of what it takes to advance to the next level.
NOTE : The High School Training Camp is age and skill specific, and students must be a 2008 birth year or older. 2009 players may be considered for this program by registering on the wait list, and then their registration will be evaluated by the program director. This program starts on Sunday evening. Lunch is provided.
Payment Plan - Goalies are 1/2 price!!

Secure your spot--space is limited! Pay $150 today and the remaining balance is due May 1st.