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ACE Director - Overview

ACE (Association Coaching Education) Directors are important to every youth hockey organization. They are trained to provide skills enhancement to not only players, but also coaches and parents. ACE Directors are responsible for planning and developing training programs and clinics for coaches, parents and players. This position will also act as a knowledge center for the three groups and as a communication link between USA Hockey and the organization.

It is a USA Hockey requirement to name an ACE Director to your organization (Bylaw 3-N). All named ACE Directors will have access to the USA Hockey supplemental information for ACE Directors, which includes educational handouts and presentations.

If you have any questions regarding the ACE program, you can contact the Sheboygan Lakers Youth Hockey Committee ACE Administrator, Tim Pilgrim at slowblueliner@gmail.com

Following are some Facts and Questions about ACE Directors:

  • What is an ACE Director?
    An ACE (Association Coaching Education) Director is responsible for all of an organization’s coaching and educational programs.
  • What do ACE Directors do?
    ACE Directors typically:
    • Organize and develop periodic workshops for all instructors and coaches.
    • Act as the communication link between your Association and the USA Hockey Coaching Education Program (CEP) in your District, with regards to Coaching Certification requirements.
    • Plan, develop, and organize specialty clinics & communications to meet the specific needs of the Association’s players’ development, parent education, and coaching related updates.
    • Establish and maintain an Association resource center for coaches, instructors, players, parents, and officers.
  • Why do we need an ACE Director?
    ACE Directors can strengthen the education your organization can provide in terms of player development, coaching development and parent education. Also, USA Hockey Bylaw 3-N requires the appointment of an ACE Director.
  • What should be look for in an ACE Director?
    Some of the key traits to look for in an ACE Director are: 
    • Effective communication skills.
    • Recommended attainment of Intermediate Level III of USA Hockey’s Coaching Program or higher.
    • Possess a strong commitment to skill development of youth players & parent education.
    • Has a strong background in the sport of hockey as well as a coach