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Adult Hockey

Adult Hockey Options

Adult hockey options available at Sheboygan Lakers Ice Center throughout the hockey season can be broken into two general categories:

1) "League" - Sheboygan Adult Hockey, which is a tenant of the Sheboygan Lakers Ice Center and run independently. 

2) "Drop In" - open hockey, which is scheduled and administered by Sheboygan Lakers Ice Center.    Within Drop In hockey there are several sessions.

Details for these can be found below.  Players can participate in the options that best suit their skill and commitment level.

Option 1) Sheboygan Adult Hockey

Sheboygan Adult Hockey is a league-based format requiring up-front payment of full-season league dues.  Players will need to make a season-long, weekly commitment to Sunday night games.


More information about the league and it's schedule can be found here:



Option 2) Drop-In Adult Hockey

Drop-in Adult Hockey is a pay-as-you go option that requires no weekly commitment, unlike Sheboygan Adult Hockey league option.

Cost is $7 per session (subject to change).

Hockey helmets and gloves are required. Full protective gear is highly recommended.

Sunday Nights - Women - 4:45-5:45pm

                                     Intermediate - 6:00-7:00pm

See the calendar on this page for specific details regarding times and dates.