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New Lakers Uniform Purchase

Uniform Purchased for 2024-2025 Hockey Season

Starting the 2024-2025 Sheboygan Lakers Hockey season the SBLA Board approved Player purchased hockey uniforms. Due to raising costs, storage, and upkeep of Association owned uniforms the Board formed a sub-committee to research and propose a plan to replace the exist 7 years old jersey. The sub-committee researched, selected a manufacturer, designed and is assisting in the rollout of the Jersey purchase.

The Board is excited to present to you the new Sheboygan Lakers Uniform. The Uniform selected are high quality and are planned to last more than a season (2-3 depending upon your skater’s growth). Please keep this in mind when selecting your size for purchase. All detailed information for your Uniform purchase will be available on the Lakers website. All players that register and purchase their uniform will receive Lakers Practice jerseys from the SBLA organization at no extra charge.

Stll Need to Purchase Jerseys?

If you still need to purchase Lakers or Sirens  Uniform Jerseys, please use the Google Document Link below to enter the Jersey size and information and the RInk will bill you or sign up for the payment plan descripted above.

FIRST ICE & MITEY MITE LEVELS - NO PURCHASE IS REQUIRED. Practice Jerseys will be handed out at the beginning of the sessions.


MITE LEVEL - Will purchase "Sublimation" home/away Jerseys and hockey socks.

SQUIRT/ PEEWEE/ BANTAM LEVELS  - will purchase "Cut and Sew"  home/away Jerseys and hockey socks.

LAKESHORE SIRENS JERSEYS  - 10U SQUIRTS purchase Cut and Sew and MITE level purchase Sublimation Jerseys with the SIRENS LOGO.

All Jerseys include the optional Name on the back in the price.


Still need to order Jerseys?Please use this google form to place your order. All orders collected using this form will be part of a mass order and all families will be billed by the Rink.

New Payment Plan Information & Jersey Ordering

New Payment Plan Information

Please use this link to find out more information on the payment plan and the Payment Plan Participant link for Ordering Jerseys.


 The Jersey price includes assigned number and Last name plate options.

Do you have Uniform Questions? Contact THE JERSEY COMMITTEE

Use the "Email Icon" to contact the Uniform Team for help.